Sonntag, 22. Januar 2017

New Blogs - well new to me...;)

The first New Blogs in 2017! ;)

I just found some new amazing blogs...
Maybe you already know them,
but to me they are brand new ;)
 There are some German blogs as well...

Take a look...
Just click the pic, to get to the blog.

And last but not least! This girl here, love her Instagram and BLog! :)

Happy reading my Luvs! :)


Donnerstag, 19. Januar 2017

My Idea on`s layering style in the living room...

Hello Lovelies,
a couple weeks ago encouraged me
to share my take on a comfy and cozy wintery living space.

Shamefully I had no idea that this website existed :)
But after searching through their shop, blog, instagram
and pinterest boards I wanted to have mostly all of their stuff.

Unfortunately they do not have a store here in Germany, at least not yet... :)
So I thought about the question how to work with layers and "shopped" their site, 
(I copied and pasted some of their pretty products and posted them in a mood board)
And it looked like this...

I don`t know what it is but I always gravitate towards neutrals, grey`s, cream`s, white and black,  some wood, metallics (gold) and greenery. So this time was no difference, 
I tried some different colors but at the end I was back to the same palette as always.
At the moment I live totally in these colors, it is my comfort zone and I like them so much, especially for the winter time.
I do have some red in my living room as well. 
And in the summer I incorporate some turquoise.

So with my old color palette I tried the layering look on my couch. I do have a sectional too, 
so this was a match to the mood board/collage I made earlier.

I picked up the outdoor rug from the patio, which happened to have the moroccan tile pattern on it.
Layered this bad boy on top of the existing rug and shopped my home further for the additional layers for the sectional.

This is my empty couch. A huge sectional with a pattern going on.

And here are my choices of blankets and throws and pillows.

We have here the cream fake fur blanket, the quilted one, some chevron pillows.
I kind of think they will never go out of style, am I wrong?;) 
The existing pillows from the sectional, a gold sequined pillow and a fake fur one as well.
So I grabbed all this stuff and threw it on my sofa, to make it cozy and wintery. ;)

There you have it, all the colors and patterns that I love combined in one room.
The moroccan tile, the wood, beige white, grey, green, red, turquoise and the metallics as well.

I mixed here different shades of white and grey tones.
Grouped three pillows in each corner and threw some fuzzy blankets on the couch.
And now I am so ready to snuggle in with a cup of tea! ;)
But first some more photos for you my Luvs! 

What I also like to do, is to use my coffee table as an additional pillow and blanket storage.

Before you jump on the layering band wagon I want to throw some more inspiration in, so check out for their sectionals. So comfy looking ;)
And now I jump on this huge cozy fabric pile

 and snuggle in with a cup of tea...

And you know what?
It made so much fun to style the sofa, that I did not stop there you guys!
I took the layered look in to the bedroom too! ;)

It is overdue that I show you some of the latest renovated spaces!
The bedroom pic is kind of a sneak peek for you, if you will!
So stay comfy and cozy and let me know what you think! ;)


Sonntag, 8. Januar 2017

What`s up in my studio?! ;)

Hello Lovelies, so 2017 is almost a week old...
Have you made any resolutions?

2016 was a very good year for me and my Loved ones, 
so I am hoping that 2017 will be good as well! 
Who does not, right?
I am not a huge fan of new year`s resolutions and stuff. 
I think if you really want to do or achieve something big and great, than go for it,
And don`t waste time with procrastinating! Right?!
I think the 31 of december and the 1st of January are simply dates on a calendar, 
made up by us humans and are not some kind of magic portals that can take you to a whole new level...  or a new you.
Just put in the effort, learn something, do what ever you want to do in this moment right now.
So a a happy new year to you again. :)
And I hope it will be amazing for you as well! ;)

And I wanted to share my finished "Shakti" painting with you and all the layers in between...
My client wanted to have this for so long and could not find anything so she asked me to paint it for her. She wanted to be it like the original and I refused. I painted it for her with my own twist. ;)

When you follow me on Instagram than you may have seen all of the photos I am showing you here today. But for all of you who did not, enjoy!;)

This is how it starts.
A sketch and laying the background-

Here you can see that I changed the stonework in the background, it was to similar to the original.

And since my client wanted it to be as close as possible I just kept the pose and the shape of the scarf and the rest is all from my imagination!

And here we go...
The finished one.
What do you think?
My interpretation of the indian Goddess Shakti.

My first finished piece of 2017!
And I hope there will be so much more to come. 
I want really much much more work. 
Painting for hours and hours and some fun like this one. ;)
I really love what I do.

Love and hugs for you my Luvs! 


Sonntag, 1. Januar 2017

Happy New Year!

Hello Lovelies, I hope you had an wonderful evening yesterday!
I hope all your loved ones and you are well and happy in this new year! ;)

As I am getting older the little things matter most to me... 
Not the parties and stuff, but the time I spend with my family and friends!
And you are kind of my little online family too! ;)

Thank you for a wonderful 2016! 
For the comments, mails and the kind words.
To a new happy and ore wonderful year ahead of us!
So cheers to you my Luvs!

Love you guys! ;)