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My painted rug was featured on diyshareable.com!!!

Hello Lovelies,  you know how long ago I did this post here? It was in may 2011! 5 Years ago, and it still has his fans!  And rebloggers! Which makes me happy and proud! ;) So this time Jane Taylor wrote a post for diyshareable.com and included my rug in tit!
My rug is the Nr.4. Enjoy the post, it is really good.  Just click the pic to get there!

Have a nice weekend my Luvs!;)

Pudel - design

What`s going on with me art wise...? ;)

Hello Lovelies, here we go... I wanted to share some snippets of my latest paintings. Some of the abstract ones. But first some quick dates, when some of my exhibitions start this year1
1.18 + 19 June."My open studio"!
(So excited about this one, the first time I open my doors to complete strangers!
Kind of scary XD...) 2. 30 September - 1st October "Avantgarde" 3. 1st November - 1st December "Woodland"
So you see, I am freaking busy, to get all the s..t done ;) In june, I will show all of my stuff, the portraits and the modern pieces along with the doggies and kitten and stuff. In October only my latest pieces, the modern, flowy stuff. And in November only paintings I am currently working on, the more realistic  paintings, woodland creatures and other paintings, but that`s a surprise.;)
Okay, enough self promotion, let`s get on the little snippets from my studio. ;)
Like it always starts... with bare feet near a blank canvas...  which will be both cover…

#URBANjunglebloggers - Planty Table Setting

Hello Lovelies, 
 here is the post for the May challenge "planty table setting" @URBAN JUNGLE BLOGGERS ! With many planty pictures for you to enjoy.. Some pics of succulents, cacti and other greenery...
I combined my white china with glitzy cutlery and lovely greens on a wooden surface... I pared the spiky and leafy, the pooky and flowerly... ;) But see yourself!
 Enjoy ;)