Donnerstag, 25. Februar 2016

Kitchen reveal of 2016! YAY! ;)

Hellooo Lovelies, here we go!
The kitchen reveal of 2016!

And it was so much work.
I liked it a lot but now I am in to more darker colors 
and I think with the dark cabinets there will be less cleaning. ;)
Maybe I am wrong, we will see about that!

With this one, it was a lot easier.
I haven`t n done much this time.

*painted the upper cabinets in a creme white
*also removed the doors on them
*painted over the "brick" backsplash with a deep black and light grey
*painted the lower cabinets with an  dark anthracite
*sealed everything with polyurethane

Want to see? Here we goo!!! ;)

Looks so different, right?
And in my opinion so much homey than before.

I swapped out two plates which fell from the wall.
And as you can see, we don`t own a microwave anymore.

Need to buy a new dishwasher, this time something with a stainless steel front.

I kind of thought, that I will regret to paint  the wall black but I don`t ;)

See, it does look kind of great...

Still love my sink! This was the best purchase in 2014! ;)

See the upper cabinets? Without doors?
Love them, just placed my cups and some dishes in there, 
because I don`t have any stuff to put there anymore.

Coffee & tea station hasn`t change much.
Still in the same spot. 
Love my cups of tea during the day... ;)

And this was it.
A quick and easy project I accomplished in a week, 
taking the paint to dry in consideration.

Total costs:

Paint 16€ for 750ml 
Polyurethane 35€ for 2,5l
The black paint for the back splash was a sample and for free,
Creme white paint always on hand for touch ups, 
because it is the main color in my home.
So 51€ for a new kitchen feeling!!!

Total time spend:
7 days

Now here I have some before and during photos for you...

and from two weeks ago.

Quite an improvement, right?
So what are your thoughts on my remodel?
Did you like the light grey better?
For any questions or anything else, 
please use the comment section!
Because, as always I love to read your thoughts! :)

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Mittwoch, 24. Februar 2016

Some more sneak peeks...

Hello Lovelies, 
oh you lucky ones!!!

You`ll get some more sneak peeks, yes you will!
Some of the hall, bedroom & chaotic kitchen...

Are you ready? okay, let`s peek...

Sexy wall, right? And this sexy bulb, oh my.. ;)

Here comes the bedroom.
I decided to add some doors to the build ins. 
Loos better now and there I can store all my remaining deco objects I use for blogging.
Turned out very well, is all I can tell for the moment.

Yup, not finished here but you`ll get to see the end product soon.

Here is a pretty nice #shelfie to begin with.

And are juju hats still a thing? 
Or am I a bit late for that party?
I kind of find them pretty amazing but since they made out of feathers it is not my style.
So I made myself 5 amazing ones from crepe paper, recycled and upcycled of course.
So no animal was harmed here...

Here is just one up on the wall, 4 more to come and compliment the look.

There will be one in silver, 
a beige brownish color and a mixed one with white,
 beige and silver and a little gold one. 
That looks awesome, at least in my opinion.
Wanna know what was funny? 
The big bad boy fell down this night, 
directly on my hubbys `s face. 
He didn`t even woke up! XD
So hey for the light weight juju hats! 

And now for the kitchen, please bare with me, 
it looks chaotic and messy, 
but I still cook during renovation and is is kind of a construction area.
But I adore this color. It feels so cozy in there. 
All these dark colors mixed with the light grey and crisp white. So loving it.

These were my sneak peeks for you!
Please be patient for the reveals!
I am still in the process for some good photos. 
Because of the terrible weather we really don`t have that much natural light, to work with.
So keep the fingers crossed for some sunny days!

I have a question, have you picked out some colors for your home? 
And stick to it?
For me it was a learning process along the way.
With my clients I am pretty strict, we pick colors, go shopping and there it is. 
A pretty, finished home.

But for my home, as you may know I change my mind a lot! 
Since recently. 
Now I am more in the dark tones.
I love white and all kind of grey.
So I picked out my colors now!

In my living room I have this dark grey with a blue undertone.
I also have it in my bedroom.
For my entrance hall I have a nice light grey, almost a chalk grey.
The one half of my kitchen is painted in it too.
In my office and dressing room I have a similar light grey.
That`s for the wall colors.
Since all my doors, ceilings and most of my furniture 
is crisp white it is easy to pull of the dark colors.

For accessories, rugs, bedding 
I chose some brown, creme white, red, gold, silver and turquoise tones.
And stayed pretty consistent during the past 5 years.

And I find it is pretty nice and easy to stick to it. 
Since I don`t shop for nick nacks and stuff and use what I already have, 
I change them up once in a while.

I have this kind of beachy eclectic kind of style...
 This is how I describe it anyways ;)

So what`s your opinion on that?
Does one need to have a consistent color palette or do you change your mind once in a while?
And go crazy with your ideas? ;)

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Donnerstag, 18. Februar 2016

I changed my mind again and again and again... too much grey paint ;)

Hello Lovelies, 
so like you read in the title. 
I changed my mind again...

On my kitchen color of course..:)
I am in love with some dark and bold colors lately.
This is due to a clients house I did last year.
And all the grey`s, the dark wood and black`s never left my mind.

So I decided to go crazy in the hallway...

This space haven`t seen a good amount of paint in the last 6 years.
So it was time, and why not go bold?!
I absolutely love the color. And I wanted to do a wall mural for ages.
So here is the sneak peek on that!

If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen some snippets of my projects.
Here I only need to hang the ceiling light and all is done.
Coming up post will be on my Hallway.

So I did not stop there with the paint action...

I went upstairs and tackled another project 
while the top coat on my kind of "Alice in Wonderland Roses" wasn`t even dry...

Here is the cute little dresser which moved from my bedroom to my little entry hall.
It looked nice so pretty and white in the bedroom 
but I thought it kind of blends in to the wall color here in the hall. 

Why did I move it? Because I am reducing my stuff big time as you may noticed through my posts. So I`m getting rid of clothes, furniture and stuff which does not serve me anymore and stuff I don`t find pretty. And this little guy will have a purpose too. In there I will store my kitchen towels and water bottles and potatoes and stuff. You get the idea...
That is because my kitchen is so small 
and my pantry is in my office and this will be some additional storage.

So I wanted to paint them for ages too and finally found the right color.

And as I was so caught up in my paint action 
my attention wandered to the open door into the kitchen!
And yes I decided to paint them cabinets too! ;)

And the busy little bee that I am, I tackled the walls too...
Yeah, nothing is save when I pick up my paint brush!

Wanna see how the kitchen looked like before? 
The last two years?
Here we go...

It is not, that I don`t like it or something, 
but I thought the light grey was overdue and in my opinion I had to clean it a lot!
And no one have time for that, right?
So, dark walls, dark cabinets, wanna try them ;)

And in one week I did three projects with the same paint color.
It is a very dark grey, a pretty anthracite. 
And because of that I have three new DIY posts for you.

Do you wanna know what bothers me though? 
I am blogging since 2010!
I did a hell lot DIY projects which involved a shit load of paint!
Some projects were featured over the freaking world... 
And still are my most viewed.
I was even published in a freaking magazine here in Germany...
Why in the heck no paint company contacted me, ever?
I would be the perfect test candidate for so many paint brands and styles! 
For acrylics, because this is my favorite medium when I paint on canvas.
For furniture paint, wood paint, wall paint, for spray paints even!
Why the hell are you waiting?
Here I am, a blogger who is willing to try the heck out of your products and give a honest and pretty good review`s on them!!!
Supply me with paints and brushes and stuff, please...
So come on!!!
Where are you! ;)

Okay, was this a little too much? Hmm, I think not.

Good night my Luvs, till the next post! ;)

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New Blogs - well new to me...;)

I just found some new amazing blogs...
Maybe you already know them,
but to me they are brand new ;)

Take a look...
Just click the pic, to get to the blog.

Happy reading ;)

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Mittwoch, 17. Februar 2016

Is my art evolving? Or is it simply different?

Hello Lovelies, 
I want to hear/read your opinion on this...
What do you all think about my paintings lately?
Are you following me on Instagram or Facebook?
Have you visited my Etsy shop?

If you have, did you notice my latest art pieces?
You probably have, I posted some pieces on here too.
What do you think of it?

Would you want to see more of them here on this little blog?

Or is this not your style at all?

All I can say I love this flowy kind of thing,  but I would love to hear your opinion on that...

Are you even interested in looking at my art?
I mean it is my blog and I can do on here what the hell I want, 
but as you all know best is is nice to get some response for the stuff you are doing, right?

Do you want to see more DIY tutorials, renovation, decorating stuff?
More indoor gardens?
Or painting tutorials?
I would love to hear from you! ;)

Any ways, I am going back to my studio and paint some more XD!
Pudel - design

Hommage to where I live.. my home and neighborhood, sort of.

Hello Lovelies, 
have you this feeling too?

When you come home and are just simply happy? 
Happy where you live, how your home looks like?
Happy, when you enter the front door and see all the imperfections and stuff you have to do in your home, but still happy to drop your keys and just be home?

I know I have this feeling a lot lately.
I am happy to come home every time.
I truly love my home.
I still think there need to be is a lot of improvement around here.
But still, I love my home.

And it is not only the house or the property.It is the nature that surrounds us, the view from our home,
the neighbors and even the post man I know for a decade!;)

So I just wanted to share some of the beautiful nature photos I did. some sun raises and sun sets, 
some trees and flowers...

When I am in nature or in the woods I am happy, surprisingly there is a lovely small forrest nearby, where I never went.

I don`t know why, but since I got to know that place I love my neighborhood even more.
I can go for a hike or a run there, to clear my head and get some inspiration for some art.
I love that around here are some pretty steep hills, where I can ride my bike.

I like that we live near the city, so If I need something it is pretty easy to get there.
I like that here live some pretty amazing artist who are painting the city! ;)

Just think about that, be grateful of what you have and even of what you don`t have.

Be grateful that if you can read this on a computer or a smart phone, you simply have enough to live you have a warm home, running water a warm bed, probably very good food!

So once again, be grateful for what you have! Be happy with what you have!
You`ll never know when all this will be over!
We tend to forget how lucky we are, at least I did.
And you certainly don`t know where your path will lead you ;)
So be happy with your home, your surroundings and your life! 
I chose to be! ;)