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What`s up in my studio!?

Hello Lovelies, here we go,  another month passed and no sign of life from me... I am literally buried in work!
So many paintings to finish! Until November,  I can`t even begin, and now I have two more commissions on my plate as well.
So here is my work in progress all lined up for you. ;) I repainted an old one from 2010. Here is the side by side comparison.
A huge difference, don`t you think? Going with the woodland theme all along.
(Little Red Riding Hood - 60x80cm - Acrylic on canvas)
Here are some more grouped up.

Finished the Fortune Teller! Finally. A portrait of a good friend of mine. ;)
(The Fortune Teller - 60x80cm - Acrylic on canvas)
And repainted another one from 2010,
(Hydrangea - 60x80cm - Acrylic on canvas)

The one I am working on in the moment. And here is the new one I took on. I sold the original and only had the prints.  But now someone is interested in a large piece again.
(Lusitaner - 60x80cm - Acrylic on canvas)
In the left corner you can see the print. And a l…