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New Blogs - well new to me...;)

I just found some new amazing blogs... Maybe you already know them, but to me they are brand new ;)
Take a look... Just click the pic, to get to the blog.

My fave at the moment, because I am soo into succulents right now! ;)

Just 5 this time, but they are soo good, so if you don`t know them, and even if you do,  just click the picture and read on! ;)

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My autumn table decoration...

Hello Lovelies,  here we go, another season another dining table centerpiece. I am all for beachy kind of decoration, but this time I feel like it need to be something else. Some leaves and wood and this kind of stuff, some simple fall decoration.

As always I am using what I have to decorate. Don`t shop in stores, just shop your home ;)
Here we go...

Just simple things like linen, some walnuts, succulents, candles, fresh planted flowers,  some wood  etc...

And I`m done ;)
So what do you think? Love to hear from you my Luvs.
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How to paint a yellow piggy...:)

Hello Lovelies, it`s been a while, how funny that I start nearly very post with this phrase... But it`s true, isn`t it?
So well I had this cute yellow little piggie made from resin laying around here for so long. I thought about painting it. And finally did. So here it is a yellow little guy who got white and gold at the end of the day.

  I got my spray cans out and  painted the piggie a glossy white with some gold accents  and now he lives in my bedroom on a cute wooden bench which I inherited from my in-laws.

Look at this glossynes... oh my! ;)

And here is the little guy all shiny and pretty ;)

I am in love with him and I am always impressed what a little paint can do to any object. A quick and easy project!

Have a nice new week my Luvs!

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The new RUE mag is online!

Hello Lovelies, the new Rue mag is online!
Just click the pic to get there.

Happy reading ;)

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