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Some outdoor space inspirations...

Hello Lovelies,  since my patio, which is becoming more of a sun room is far away from getting ready.   (Because we find more and more stuff to improve) I wanted to share my favorite inspirations from Pinterest. So here we go;)

Love the lights in these two photos.

Isn`t this gorgeous?
Oh and this one, it would be nice to have it, too!

So enjoy them, all found on Pinterest! I will go back to painting;)

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Patio renovation! Or how to bring home, some beachy feeling...:) Part 2!

Hello Lovelies,  I hope you are doing well on this long weekend! ;) I am for example was all day outside and worked on the patio. And I can tell you, it`s come a looong way;) I am so happy how it looks already. Really an improvement!
I realized, that I did not show you what I had in mind as I have chosen the title for the post. I have described it to you, but I think that a photo is much better!;)
Here we go...
( I am really terrible at this;) but I think you get the idea!)
Here is my color palette, some light grey for the walls, gold, linen, beige, soft blues and some darker grey`s for the fabrics. A nice and pretty wood for the table, for the decoration and for a nice hutch. Glass, and some plants with huge leaves as accents. Some patterned rugs and I wanted to keep the existing one too.
This was my shopping guide, my color palette as I was shopping for this space.

And this book was totally a really good inspiration source!
Love most of the homes showed in this book. And here…

Update on the patio renovation...

Hello Lovelies,  it`s been three days, so how far have I come with the renovation?! Not as far as I wished, but making progress!;) So I removed the chicken/cat/rabbit wire,  which was covering the windows of the entire patio and put the acrylic glass in the window spaces,  which looked kind of odd at the first sight. But you get used to it. It is still airy and light, minus the terrible wind and rain which  always is on this side of the house.

See what I mean?

Than I got sidetracked by the beautiful smell of the elder bushes! Oh so pretty and fragrant!

Oh, and look at this color,,, isn`t this beautiful?

Okay. back to post...:) So this is how it looks when all is finished. The one side at least. I don`t know if I want to cover the doors and the other side. Well, we will see about that.

That`s  the view from the inside 

and the outside.

I want to paint the beams above the windows in the same grey tone as the color below. It is too light right now I think. Here you can see the side view…

Patio renovation! Or how to bring home, some beachy feeling...:) Part 1!

Hello Lovelies,  I hope you are well!
I had some busy days! Still preparing for my art exhibition in August and renovate my home a bit. I wanted to start my bathroom this year, but I decided to tackle my patio! Wanna see some before shots? How it looked before painting everything a light grey color?! So here we go...

All of this furniture had to go,  everything was painted a light grey, got my old chairs out, want to paint the cushions  the same color as the walls. Want to close the "windows" with some poly glass, because the wind and rain on this side of the house is really bad. Want to paint the floor, with some outdoor paint. Get some nice decoration, fabric, pillows and sisal for this outdoor room! Lets see how this will turn out!;)
Here are some in the process pictures, I am not finished, just in the middle of this project.

Like you can see I am finished with the walls and benches. And made a huge mess around of course;) Please don`t mind the kitty litter;) I will buil…

The new Lonny mag is online!

Hello Lovelies, the new Lonny mag is online!
Just click the pic to get there.

Happy reading;)

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