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A white dresser for my studio!

Hello my Lovelies! I just wanted to share my new/old revamped dresser with you. As I talked in this post before,  I was in desperate need for some more storage in my studio. And my prayers came true;) My Dad and I found this hutch and dresser, both around 25 years old, with dents and scratches and with some warped doors and drawers. Some handles were missing too.
So I fell in love with them and took them home with me. The dresser got right away into my studio, and with the hutch I have something other in mind.
Here is the before for you

And here is what I did with it.
I did not repaired all the marks from it`s past! I wanted to leave it a little scratched and used, just put a new coat of paint and let it be;)
Just give it a quick sanding and painted the whole thing white,

like so...

And I decided to paint the bottom section of the dresser in the same orange color like some of the accents in this room.

And as you can see in the background I taped of my small file cabinet and did some t…

Flea market Finds Friday!

Hello Lovelies,  I haven`t done this in a while. I´ve got some furniture, not exactly from a flea market, but still some worn out and blog worthy pieces! Here they are, in my garage, excuse the mess ;)

An old hutch & cabinet.

The hutch is will go to a client`s space. We figured out which color it will get already ;) And the cabinet will go to my studio. Like I said, I think I´m never done with this space;)
I put it downstairs, it will go on this spot right here.

It will be white, like the rest of my furniture in the studio, I will replace the hardware. And I finally will have more storage! Pretty and practical piece;)
THis has nothing to do with FFFriday, but here is the frame I build for a painting. Sprayed it a neon pink. To match another one. They will hang as a pair.

This is it for the friday my Luvs. I wish you all a Happy Easter holidays! ;)

Pudel - design

The new RUE mag is online!

Hello Lovelies, the new Rue mag is online!
Just click the pic to get there.

Happy reading! ;)

Pudel - design