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My new organized Studio:)

Hello Lovelies,  like I announced a while ago,  I wanted to show you my revamped studio today.
I change my mind really often when it comes to decor,  design, styling rooms or restyle furniture. This is because I love this stuff;) And why not?!
I think I am not really done with this room,  need to clean out a little more and find some other storage solutions. But I am pretty sure I will stay in this color palette.;)
So here it comes my finished Studio (for now...)

If you like to see how I did the sofa go here.

On this spot I had my sketch table.  This one moved to the other side of the room. Here I have now a siting area,  where I can chat with my clients,  or simply read a book... Isn`t this little lamp the cutest you`ve ever seen?;) I will made a cute little side table, which I show you next time.

Here we go, now you see the huge craft or painting table,  with my huge architect cabinet. And my sketch table. My dad added some more ceiling lights.

I put some big rolls under the cabinet…

How`s your weekend looked like?

Hello Lovelies, how was your weekend?  I have finished some more paintings, organized a shelf in my studio,  cleaned out some stuff and found a stump...;)
Here are some finished paintings...

For this one I am building a pink frame, like in the picture above.

I finally finished "Ophelia`s" hair! I don`t know but this was kind of a long ride :) I am considering to put some flowers around her, maybe some purple ones. I don`t know yet, should I?

And " Little Viking" is evolving too. So happy I am getting the direction I wanted this painting go to.

I want to paint a huge white wolf at the background- The boy is going to gat a coat as well, maybe some snow too, we`ll see.

Like I pointed out in the previous post I painted the walls in my studio.
Looks so different, right?
And here is the shelf before, with my paints in the left container and all of my books I like to have around, my brushes,  pallet paper, paintings and hidden stuff like duct tape and paint…

DIY, new Sofa for my Studio! Made from three old wooden cribs! ;)

Hello Lovelies,  I wanted to share today how I made a new sofa for my Studio.

I made it from 3 old wooden cribs. My Dad is working as a facility manager  at a couple of nursery homes and Kindergarden`s. So from time to time he bring things back home and always asking me,  if I want to keep some of the things. And I do, sometimes. Like this time, these beds were stacked in the garage for quite a time  until I figured out what I wanted to do with them.

I used three headboards and one slatted frame. Two of the headboards I used as the back of the sofa and I cut two round halves of the headboards to use them as armrests. And to close the gap between the backside of the sofa. And my Dad got me two mattresses as well.

After I screwed everything together it looked like this. See the armrests?
As I was deciding which color it would get I sew a mattress cower from some fabric I bought a loong time ago.  And I put two big pillows I had left from my old Sofa from my living room. So everything i…

It`s Sale Time my Lovelies!

Hallo meine Lieben! In meinem Dawanda Shop bekommt Ihr zur Zeit 12% Frühlingsrabatt  auf alle Artikel! Vorbeischauen lohnt sich! ;)

Viel Spaß!
Pudel - dsign

Decorate your home with items you already have or shop your home!

Hello Lovelies,  so as easter is coming up soon,  I decided to decorate my dining table with some eggs, birds, green moss... Just see yourself.
Here is my dining table, which look like that most of the time.

Here is the stuff I have around, to put it on the table. Greens, glass, wooden sticks some ceramic eggs, flowers, candles...

A table runner

Look at these eggs;)

And here is everything put together on the table.

I`ve got this Ara, bird for 4$! Can you believe it? So cute;)

And here is the view from above.

It is fresh, whites, grey`s, greens and a little black. I like my Easter table.:)
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