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What I`ve been up to lately...

Hello my Lovelies,  here is what I`ve been up to in the couple of weeks. I was on vacation, like I mentioned in the previous post. Regained some energy to finish some of the projects... So here we go. The patio is finished! Yes really, for quite a time actually. But the weather around here is crap, always raining and no good light. So have to wait for the final shots.
Finished some paintings for the exhibition.

My exhibition is up tomorrow! Yey for that. Actually I put all the paintings up today.

If you follow me on instagaram you already saw this here...

Some cabinets I am revamping for myself and for a client.

So, like you see, here are they in the pre-stadium, but I will show you the results soon. So I got some Sh*t done. ;) And I am happy to show you the finished products.
Pudel - design

The new RUE mag is online!

Hello Lovelies, the new Rue mag is online!
Just click the pic to get there.

Happy reading:)

Pudel - design

Join or not to join?

Hello Lovelies, how are you? I am fine and back from my trip to Tenerife. I was there for about two weeks and it was amazing!
So my topic today is join or not to join? It is a really tricky question, with all these social media sites out there... I am now in Facebook, Google+, here o blogger of course, following some guys on Bloglovin and thinking about to joining Instagram and Snapchat.
Does all this do something for my career? Or for anybody?
I don`t know, maybe I am not taking it all seriously like other people do. I am posting rarely on all this platforms I think... Maybe I should visit them more often. Or is it, that I haven`t found the perfect site for me?
I think with Insatagram I found the perfect tool for me. I am so so lived under a rock this whole time... :)
But it is fun and I would know your opinion on this topic,  are you sometimes overwhelmed like me with all the stuff going on and all the new social media popping out everyday?
Or am I simply too old for this kind of s…