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Something new...

Hello Lovelies! How your sunday looks like? It is pretty sunny around here,  it even doesn`t fell like winter anymore! Maybe the spring is on it`s way;)
So I got a new addition to my shop! Wanne see?

This cute cotton bag, with a hand painted portrait of my sweet Bam-Bam, as a kitten. He`s now all grown up an fuzzy;)
Like this...

But back than, he was such a cute little ball of fur;) So if you like it,  just grab it her at my

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Hello my Luvs,  oh my, I am back for two weeks now. Back from Bavaria and I don`t miss much,  but the one thing I dream desperately about are the mountains and the snow! The peace when you stand on top and have the quiet world laid down to your feet! This feeling is amazing, The warmths of the sun and the clear blue sky is at this moment the only thing you need!
I think this world is hectic and stressful enough,  and a little peace and quiet from time to time is priceless.
So my Luvs, all I wanted to say, just take a step away, reflect and simple

Love and hugs

Bits of pink for Valentine`s...

Hello my Luvs,  do you have someone to love today? If you do, great! If not, keep on looking, he or she is might just around the corner;)
Have some pretty pink`s with me to celebrate;)

And my favorite;)

All pics via here
A happy Valentine`s Day my Luvs! XOXO


New Blogs - well new to me...;)

I just found some new amazing blogs... Maybe you already know them, but to me they are brand new ;)
Take a look... Just click the pic, to get to the blog.

You see, lot of food blogs this time;) Really good ones, yum;) So, happy reading my Luvs!

Pudel - design

Pretty Salzburg and a stunning view!

Hello Lovelies,  so I am back from my health resort in Bavaria. I made some disturbing experiences but some great too;) Learned a lot about myself,  and have to change a lot in my private and my work life. Change in some ways my stuck behavior,  like training routine and what I am eating right now!  Will tell more about that later. For now my Lovelies, just enjoy the view:)
This was the garden of the Miriabell Castle;) In summer this must be stunning! If you like, just click here to see more.

Here is the house where Mozart was born!

I really fell in love with the old architecture!

The view by night, was like this, breathtaking! 

And I was on the Wendelstein in the Alps! Such a stunning view!!! See yourself;)

Here is the little me on top of the mountain!;)

A cute little church on the top of the mountain!

Copper LOVE!

Hello Lovelies, have you noticed this copper trend all around? You did? Am I the last person to know? All I can say that I absolutely love it!
I think you can put some copper accents anywhere. I always have been the gold kind of girl... But now I am loving copper too. And really what is there not to love?
See yourself...;)
For the dining room,  Love this wall color too.

For the kitchen...

Some old copper tea pots, looking gorgeous, aren`t they?

Gorgeous planters for your herbs...

Love this stool!

Looks great in the bathroom too! Found some DIY copper bowls...

And gives your bedroom a nice touch up;)

As pillows and candle holders!
So what do you think? Fell for this trend too? I did;)
So here it the thing,  I need to paint my living room walls. This is the color I choose. It is called "Grey Moss 234" and you can get it at Little Greene.

Looks so nice, right? Love it! All other pictures, via here and here.

The new Rue mag is online!

Hello Lovelies, here I am! Back again!
I will post soon some about my one month trip to Bavaria,  but at first here is the new issue of RUE mag! Enjoy;)
Just click the pic to get there.

Happy reading;)

Pudel - design