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First project of 2014!

Happy New Year to all of you my Luvs! How was your night?  Were you partying?  Or just a simple quite night home with some fireworks and good food? Anyways I hope it was fun and a little tipsy;)

So here we are in 2014! And I want to start this hopefully new amazing year with a good before and after post!
Are you ready for this? Great;)
So here is my Flea Market Find. You may remember.

I went from this little, old dresser. With these new knobs.

To this!

With some white and gold paint. It is now the perfect piece for ma attic bedroom. And went right into my reading nook.

With some shabby gold roses painted in the drawers.

See the gold leafed feet it had?

I love how it perfectly fits in this room. I love the white and gold. I will use it for candle and blanket storage.

How do you like it?

This is it! The first post for 2014!

I don`t know if I will post much this month because I am off for about three weeks.
Just a little get a