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How my pink stall looks;)

Hallo Ihr Lieben! So schaut mein "pinker", "tuffiger" Verkaufsstand aus;) Fast fertig das Ganze. Um 14h beginnt hier der Verkauf. Also wer mag schaut vorbei! 

Hello Lovelies,  her`s how my Christmas market stall looks. Pretty pink and white... Pretty ready, and at 2pm I will start selling! So if you like, came and join me;)

Hier noch mal die Daten, wo der Markt stattfindet!

BIs später mein Lieben! Ich hoffe wir sehen uns alle da!!!;))

Pudel - design

Weihnachtsmarkt! Christmas-Market!

Hallo Ihr Lieben, die Zeit rückt immer naher... Ich hoffe ich habe genug Sachen gebastelt und gemalt und vorbereitet. Weil dieses Wochenende ist es soweit!
Der Alljährliche Weihnachtsmarkt startet hier in Herford. Ihr alle seit natürlich Herzlich eingeladen. Mich und viele andere Aussteller zu besuchen!
Ich habe Euch da mal den Flyer angehängt...

dem könnt Ihr entnehmen, Wo, Wann, Wie und Was ausgestellt wird! Eine klasse Gelegenheit noch etwas ganz besonderes für Nikolaus oder  Weihnachten zu finden!!!;)
Es ist natürlich nur eine kleine Zusammenfassung  all der wunderbaren Dinge, die Euch erwarten.
Und so schaut es bei mir im Atelier grade aus...

Kisten voll mit Bildern, Blöcken, Kerzen, Postkarten, Postern, Taschen...

Ich habe auch ein neues Displaybrett gebaut. Fertig dekoriert, wird es wie ein Tannenbaum aussehen.

You got the idea, right?!;)
Hier noch ein paar Bilder von neuem Blockdesign und meine  Matroschki beim trocknen, nachdem ich sie lackiert habe.

Ihr seht, es wird bunt! …

New Blogs - well new to me...;)

I just found some new amazing blogs... Maybe you already know them, but to me they are brand new ;)
Take a look... Just click the pic, to get to the blog.
This one is great! You should see her Hunger Game cupcakes!

Happy reading;)

Pudel - design

Christmas Market and Flea Market finds.

Hello Lovelies! How time flies! Christmas isn`t far away now! Only 6 weeks left! For me this is a little unreal.
Are you in christmas cheer already? Have you started to decorate? Need some ideas?
Look here;) I was a a nice Christmas Market this week. In a small town near by. I wanted to take everything home with me. Really. Everything! Love the glitz;)

See this wire Christmas tree? The spiral hanging from the ceiling, with the glass ornaments?
This thing costs about 60 bucks! Can you believe that? I think I made this one myself;) Kinda like this look...

Some pretty white ornaments.

Some cute deers. Let me think of an carrousel.

This display was my favorite!

Nice right?  After we looked at every detail and touched every twig we had some tea and cake;) Can`t imagine to have such a day without some tea and sweets;)
Now to the flea market finds. This is how my cabinet looks right now. Painted in creamy white, with gold leafed legs.

And the doors and drawers with new handles.

This would b…

Homemade gold glitter candles! A really sparkly & glittery post;)

Hello Lovelies,  I think everyone loves a good DIY idea. And making some candles was on my priority list for like ever;) So this is what I did,  I made some pretty sparkly, shiny, beautiful candles;)
I think no one on the www needs  a new tutorial from me on making candles?! And I don`t give you one. I just show you the materials I used and the finished product. Deal? But if you need a tutorial, just search the web or use this one It pretty sumps it all up! (the two things I did different as showed in this tutorial were; I haven`t used this amount on glitter and I melted my wax flakes  in a water bath. But you can use a double boiler if you have one.)

If you wanna use porcelain, like me. Wash the cups and sauces properly and get started!;)

See the materials above? I only needed an half tube of the gold glitter, for 11 candles and 1kilo of wax flakes.

Let everything cool down overnight and cut the wick to desired length.  And than admire you work...:)

I found my cute china at a flea ma…