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Es werden Posts vom Dezember, 2013 angezeigt.

A happy NEW YEAR 2014!!!

Hello my Lovelies, I wish you and your loved ones a happy new year  2014!!!
May all your wishes come true;) Pudel - design

My best Posts of 2013!!!

Hello Lovelies,  here we are again, recap of 2013! I think this year is gone amazingly fast! Don`t you? So what have I accomplished this year? I was quite a bit. Many DIY posts, many art of course, and some projects I haven`t finished yet and promised to blog about them when they are done. Like my finished kitchen, my new reading nook, my revamped living room,  my finally finished studio space!
I think, I will share these projects in 2014 with you!;)
So on to the posts of 2013! Just click the post name, to get to the post! Now on to my personal fave`s this year!
A DIY house-warming gift!
DIY fake driftwood panel star!

Some slight changes in my studio!

February This month happened something really amazing! My little blog, my painted rug was published in a magazine!;)
Mein DIY Teppich in der COUCH! My rug in COUCH mag!

April My IKEA rug on IKEA Facebook:)

The funny thing is, some of you pointed out, that their STOCKHOLM rug looks exactly like mine! Because they came out with them in Ma…

Peace sign or DIY vs. Pottery Barn!

Hello Lovelies,  I don`t know if you saw this sign at Pottery Barn. But I fell in love I saw it the first time! An I don`t know either if anyone already did this on their own. But I thought I`ll give it a shot!
And it`s totally about time for a DIY vs. ... knock off;)

So the sign, Pottery Barn is selling looks like this;
11" wide x 54,5" high x 1" thick Made of mahogany wood. Distressed hand-painted finish. Mounting hardware included.
And of course it`s sold out!

See?! I think it was about 129 bucks or something. Too expensive for me.
This is what I used to made my sign:  a plain canvas.  Slight beige and red paint. Tape, pencil. ;) Not much huh? And it was pretty easy, only 1 hour to made it,  including the time it dried.

So draw your letters on the primed canvas, I painted it with my slight beige paint first. (If you are not this good at sketching,  just print out the letters in desired size and simply copy them on the canvas)
And than start with your red paint,  to …

Perfect 25th of December...

Hello Lovelies, I think yesterday was the perfect  25th of December! We were visiting my hubby`s Family in a cute little town, with some pretty nice old houses.
Had delicious food. A nice walk through the woods and funny present unwrapping;) I got a new camera lens, an needed to try it immediately.
So here`s the cake,  the best chocolate cake, with some glacéed figs.

If you wanna know how I made it. Just klick here!
I wanted a white christmas so bad, but still no snow;( Instead warm and sunny weather;) Here are some photos of the town.

The old Post Office.

The church near the college, where we were for the Christmas service.

Have a nice weekend my Luvs!


Merry Christmas!

Hello Lovelies,  I wish you all a very Merry Christmas! Many pretty presents, a lot of delicious food and  some snowy holidays!

Lots of LOVE and hugs to you guys! Lydia

New Blogs - well new to me...;)

I just found some new amazing blogs... Maybe you already know them, but to me they are brand new ;)
Take a look... Just click the pic, to get to the blog.

Something for new years resolutions;)
I have to say, this girl is great, get my butt every time up for her videos;)

Happy reading;)!
Pudel - design