Dienstag, 8. Januar 2013

Some paint action...;) or the first project for 2013!

Hello Lovelies, 
I am making some serious progress on my studio!
I want to accomplish a lot this year!
I want go for BIG;)
Just kidding, but here you can see some paint action, 
not a painting this time, some orange cabinets.
You would probably ask yourself, what the he...?
But be patient, I really hope to show you at least one of these babies
finished by the weekend!
And they will look awesome!(At least in my eyes;)

So here they are;)

Hmm, okay this smaller one 

goes up here.

What`s about now? ;)
So I really hope I can show you more till the weekend!

Pudel - design


Julia Konya hat gesagt…

I'm so jealous! I want a studio too ;)
Freu mich schon zu sehen wenn es fertig ist!

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Thanking You
Puneet Kardam