Freitag, 4. Januar 2013

A DIY house-warming gift!

Hello Lovelies, 
as I told you in the previous posts,
my friend had this amazing costume party.
It happend`s that this event was also a house-warming party too.
So what to bring as a gift?

Some towels, bed sheets or money?
This boring stuff!
Naa, not with me;)

So I talked to her and got to know that she needs a stool/ottoman 
for her dressing room.
In apple green.

Now I was in trouble!
Where to find this?

And again a DIY was knocking on my door;)
I did it myself!
(Oh, and excuse the mess please;))

Here comes the tutorial;)

What I used:

two OSB - boards in 50x80cm,
some buttons, the ones you can cover yourself,
leftover  balustrades from my handrail, for the legs,
green & white striped Fabric from Ikea,
burlap twine,
white paint, wood glue.

Lets get started;)

I simply cut the OSB - boards and the balustrades to the size I needed.
 Screwed and glued everything together.
(Forgot to make a pic of this step:(

Here are the guys I`m talking about.

Let this whole thing sit for a couple of days.

Than sanded all of the sharp edges and got the white paint out.

I gave em three coats of paint and let it dry.

In the meantime I took the second board 
and the foam cushions (you can buy them this size),
and covered them with a white, thin layer of fabric.
(Forgot to make a pic of this step either:(

And stapled everything to the board.
Don`t forget to pull tightly around the corners, to get a rounder softer look.
I did it with the green & white fabric too.

I don`t know if you can see the drilled holes in this board, but
they are there, for the knobs,

After all was done I took out the burlap twine and a big needle
 and started to string on the knobs.

Look, who was helping;)

Now on to the tricky part.
Here you need help from a second person.
Because you want the buttons to be pulled really tight to the fabric.
So I pushed from above and my dad pulled and screwed them from the bottom up.

In my case it was my dad, here is his helping hand;)

See all the twine and screws?

Looks pretty ugly down there, 
but don`t worry, everything will be covered up.

And here is the cushion.

Now back to the body, remember?;)

I didn`t like how the edges looked, so I took the planks, 
 I made the frames for my paintings from.
And simply screwed them to the corners.

See? not this pretty,
and sooo much better now;)

Filled the corners with some wood glue.

Again, let this sit for a night
and you can put the cushion on top.

I didn`t like how the cushion looked on the body, 
there was an ugly gap between them.
So I thought to do something with upholstery nails 
but it didn`t worked out.
Than maybe put a cord around it, but didn`t like it either.
Finally I folded some of the fabric underneath the cushion and this was nice.

 Than folded the fabric tidy under the corners, like this.

And this is how it looks like.

Now, are you ready for the finished product?
Drum roll please!!!;)

Here it is at my home.

And here it is, in the dressing room, at my friends house;)

(With a Red Riding Hood, little creepy, huh?
 My friend didn`t want to have her face in the picture, 
so here`s her back;))

Isn`t this wallpaper do die for?

So what do you think?
You like my DIY?
Any suggestions?
I would love to hear from you!

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Rain on a Tin Roof hat gesagt…

Wow! Looks great! This is a great step by step tutorial! Thanks for sharing!

Jenna @

Debi @ Adorned From Above hat gesagt…

This is so cute. I love what you did. I have a link party called Wednesdays Adorned From Above Blog Hop and would love to have you share this and any other posts with everyone. It runs from Wednesday through midnight Sunday. Here is the link to the party.
Debi @ Adorned From Above

Mel Mac hat gesagt…

What a thoughtful gift. It is fabulous!

ngnrdgrl hat gesagt…

Amazing! You did a wonderful job. I'm pinning this. Dropping in from the Pin Me party.

April Hoff hat gesagt…

Awesome! I would've kept that ottoman for myself and bought her a gift card! :) Following back!

Reduce, Reuse, Renewed hat gesagt…

Amazing tutorial! What a great house warming gift.

Jill @ hat gesagt…

Love this! We would love for you to share this at our Kitchen Fun and Crafty link party!

Denyse @ Crazy Beautiful Life hat gesagt…

Great tutorial, Lydia! I just love this little bench and the fabric you used is beautiful.

I'm having a GOOGLE + Social hop. I'd love for you to hop on over, grab a button and link up your Google +. If you don't have Google + it's ok, come link up your blog or favorite post.

I'm also looking for Pinterest Pinners to feature every week beginning in January. If you are on Pinterest and are interested in being featured come link up! Who knows you might meet some other great pinners and gain a few great ideas.

Carissa Rasmussen hat gesagt…

it looks amazing! i love the rug too:)

gail@My Repurposed Life hat gesagt…

super job on the bench! It's beautiful. Great tutorial too!

Diana - FreeStyleMama hat gesagt…

That is LOVELY! I wasn't sure of the size until I saw you next to it. What a great gift!

Jessica White hat gesagt…

Adorable! What a good friend you are to make that. Would you like to come to a housewarming for me? I could use an ottoman too!
Thanks for sharing!
Jessica @ A Humble Creation

Julia Konya hat gesagt…

Yes, I like it very much! Sehr sehr schön und die Tapete ist auch toll.
What a great friend you are!

Christine hat gesagt…

Oh my WORD!!! LOVE IT!! I want one too!!

Thanks so much for sharing this at The DIY Dreamer.. From Dream To Reality! Can't wait to see what you link up this evening!

Christine hat gesagt…


You have been featured at The DIY Dreamer... From Dream To Reality! Come on over and grab your featured button.. you deserve it!

Jessica @ A Humble Creation hat gesagt…

Hi Lydia,
I'm so glad you shared this wonderful project with us! Thank you for linking it up at A Humble Creation. Thanks for also providing a tutorial.

Jessica @ A Humble Creation hat gesagt…

Hi Lydia,
Your beautiful ottoman was featured at A Humble Creation! Thanks again for linking up and teaching us how to make one too!