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Why I started blogging and an apologie to the whole Blog world.

I started blogging two years ago after a bad car accident, it was a turning point in my life.
I had to learn many things to do again.
I am still recovering from the injuries!
(Don`t want any pity, just trying to explain!)
And thought a blog would help to express my thoughts on some DIY skills!
That`s the reason, didn`t want to make profit out of it.

I met here some really nice online friends and many amazing creative persons!

A friend asked me if I never thought  about selling my paintings,
I never wanted to do that, because I just gave them away for fun,

I never wanted to make money with them.
But why not try?
If I sell some it would be nice, if not, doesen`t matter!

In my first blog post that I wrote,
I wanted people to be inspired by my work, and who ever wanted would feel free to share it, any DIY idea or painting or photo or something else they find here.
And many people did. And I think this is amazing!
I am fine with that!
I write this blog for fun!

So I started these online sh…

Dekoläden und Ebay Funde.

Hier ein wenig Frühling im Februar. Ein paar Tulpen, leider nicht echt,  denn meine Beiden Kater würden diese sofort verspeisen;) Aber Stoffblumen sind auch schön und halten sich länger. Habe ein wenig in Dekoläden und bei Ebay gestöbert und das hier entdeckt.
Tulpen und Vase vom DEPOT

Ein paar Gläser bei Porta

und ein Pferd bei Ebay;)

Mal sehen ob ich das Pferdchen umlackiere.

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Amazing artists!

Hello Lovelies, have you seen these guys? So amazing artists! I am probably the last human being who havent seen them! But, better late than never.
Alle sind der Hammer aber SIe ist der Oberhammer und der Chuck Norris Verschnitt ganz rechts ist sooo cool;)

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I was pointed out that some of my paintings look similar to other artists work!

I was pointed out that some of my paintings look similar to other artists work!
I am so sorry to caused any harm, it wasn`t my intention! I havent stole these feathers or the nest. If I had known that these paintings already exist on Etsy I would have never set them on sale! I immediately apologised to the sellers and removed the silmilar looking paintings from all of my platforms and my blog!
It may took to 24 hours until they finally gone. These paintings weren`t a template for my art!!! I haven`t earn any money on them and I don`t want any cent when I would hurt any other artist. Because I know how hard it is to to live just from selling art! You have to have the dedication and the strength to live an artist life. The painting from my cute little cat should be copied as well, and that is really sad that you think I am a thief! All of you have the right to be mad and the right of your own opinion, but as I sad, I am sorry and I removed these similar looking paintings and destroyed them!
And I…

I was caught!

Hello Lovelies I was caught by Gail from
My repurposed life;)

It was my DIY vs. Pottery Barn or the ABC sign post.

Please feel free to visit her site, to see more of her fabulous DIY ideas and  more of her partys! Thank you so much for the feature, Gail! ;) You`ve made my day!

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Secret crafts...

Hello Lovelies, I think after nearly two years of blogging  you know a lot about me. I am a passionate artist, a on a budget decorator who loves a good deal! And a rally crafty DIY making girl;) But this secret I am offering to you today,  you see the first time;) I am a grown woman who loves to sew dolls! Yes!
I don`t know if you know Tilda,  it is a doll from sweden and her inventor is Tone Finnanger   and the www is full of her. My passion to sew started really early,  back in design school and I do it from time to time,  a dress, pillows and curtains.
But to sew dolls gave me comfort and relaxation;) I have all of her books...

I think there are more really talented ladys or guys who have really good skills in hand sewing out there but I do love my little creations even when they are not so perfect. I sew really many and gave them away to my little cousins. And daughters of friends...
After that confession,  You wanna see some?;)
Here they come;)
Some little pigs, 

and cows, 

and of course the dolls...

The c…

How the little red dress became The Dog Sitter;)

Hello Lovelies,  I don`t know if you remember this post here
In that post I showed you my inspiration on a painting! It is unbelievable that it took me about a whole year to get it done!
It seems that I need an unfinished project  or painting to which I can always come back! Strange isn`t it? Do you have such projects too, some unfinished things?
Okay, that`s how it looks on 2, January, 2011.
Hallo ihr Lieben. Ich weiß nicht ob ihr euch noch an diesen Post hier erinnert.
Da habe ich jedenfalls meine Inspiration zu einem Bild vorgestellt. Es ist wirklich erstaunlich das es ein ganzes Jahr gedauert hat,  bis ich es zu ende gemalt habe! Es sieht so aus, dass ich immer irgendwelche  unfertigen Projekte brauche,  zu denen ich jederzeit zurückkehren kann.
Habt ihr auch solche Projekte? Geht es euch auch so, oder bin ich hier ein Sonderfall?;)
Na jedenfalls sah das Bild am 2, Januar, 2011 so aus.

And after a year it looks like this...
Und ein Jahr später so...

What do you think? If you like her, you can…

DIY vs. Pottery Barn or the ABC sign.

Hello Lovelies, while I`m feeling better-   I will show you some creative stuff today, as I promised...
Okay let`s start,  I think you saw the Pottery Barn signs I mean,

thought by making them myself. I had this canvas with the "This is your life" text. Thought why not change them into an ABC sign?

I think it fits better. Hmm, an empty frame looks interesting too;)

So I had this canvas... Painted them a light brown,  than measured the canvas and divide it into small squares.

Than took an ordinary glass and encircle it.

With some darker paint filled the circles and printed  the ABC in a nice font.

Traced them onto the canvas  and filled the letters with white paint, 

aded some shadows and some white half circles, and TADAAA...
Ready to hang;)

How you like em? I think it looks pretty good on this wall;)

New Blogs - well new to me...;)

Hello Lovelies, I`m still alive;) I`m not so healthy like I should be but It is getting better... It is good enough to work again and do some creative stuff;)) Thank you for the sweet "Get better soon"  emails;)

I just found some new amazing blogs... Maybe you already know them, but to me they are brand new;) Take a look...

Happy reading...
Later I will be back with some creative stuff!

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Still sick...

Hello Lovelies,  I`m so sorry for the lack of posts lately, but I`m still really sick;(
image via here

I hope that the next weeks it will be better!

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