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Tonight at my studio...

Hello Lovelies,  just wanted to show you what I`m working on right now in my not so ready yet studio;)
My inspiration was a photo
I took of my friend last year.
I named this painting Ophelia,  like Shakespeare`s Ophelia...

and of course my little one is in shot too;)

And with some color, 

I will add some flowers, some roses and daisies...

A way to go but I think it will look gorgeous... Have a nice weekend my Lovelies;)
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New Blogs - well new to me...;)

Hello Lovelies,  I don`t know about you, but I became a wedding LOVER this year. Maybe it is because many of my friends got married this year. It have been 4 weddings and two more to come;) It were some german and russian weddings,  all of them really different and pretty but I can`t help myself,
 I always been attracted to the american tradition of bridesmaids and stuff.
Never been to one of these..:) Hello my friends out there,  anyone want to invite me to an american style wedding?;)
So I searched the web
and here you have the BEST wedding blogs out there;)
(in my opinion) As always, you maybe already know them, but they are brand new to me.
Just click the pic to get there.

Aaaand if that`s not enough inspiration, than go over to

Happy reading...;)

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Yet, an another feature;)

Hello Lovelies, I was featured, again;) Well, my DIY Paddle from paper rolls! By two amazing, talented Jenny from  Days of Chalk and Chocolate

and Beth, from Homestories A2Z

Thank you so much Ladies, dor featuring my project;))
Please don`t forget to enter my  GIVEAWAY!!!

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Hello Lovelies,  I realized that I haven`t had a Giveaway for a loooong time!
So, I have one for you;) The weather around here is dizzy and foggy and rainy,  seems like the summer is almost over. So this giveaway includes yellow, mustard and white,  like the sun and some leaves  which are already getting from green to mustard...
I wanted to give away a velvet, mustard colored pillow,  a white tin box with a "storage" lettering on it and a cute portrait of my sweet cat Bam-Bam, on canvas, originally painted by me!;)
Does that sound great? You want to see them?;) Let`s go!!!
Hallo ihr Lieben! Ich habe festgestellt das es hier schon eine ganze Weile kein Giveaway mehr gegeben hat.
Da habe ich was schönes für Euch;) Ich dachte an Gelb für die Sonne und Senf oder ocker für die  Blätter, die sich so langsam in dem eher Herbstlichen Wetter verfärben...
Wenn ihr an dieser Verlosung teilnehmen wollt  bekommt ein Samt Kissen in Senf,  eine weiße metallbox mit dem Schriftzug &qu…

Some new additions to my shop!;)

Hello Lovelies,  how was your weekend so far? Mine was really great, sadly tomorrow is monday, again.
I just wanted to show you some new items I just added to my Etsy Shop!
You will get these cards with five white envelopes.

Like what you see? Than go on and buy some stuff;))
Have a nice start to the new week, my Lovelies;)

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Yay I was featured;))

Hello Lovelies,  my DIY Paddle from paper rolls was featured by this  pretty talented Lady;)

Desirée from The 36th Avenue
Here is what she said about my paddle;)

Such things really made my day`s;) It is so great when someone out there like`s what you do;) Thank you Desirée!

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DIY paddle from paper rolls!

Hello Lovelies,  I have this space above my windows in the living room. I think I need some decoration for that space. Oh I have these old, stained planks. Which are really nice, but something is missing though. 

So I was thinking... And than it hits me;) Why not make a paddle for that space, I have my octopus painting,  and the jelly fish painting in there, some driftwood tables. So why not a paddle?
No I didn`t carve it from wood. I made it from this;)

Yes, just simple paper rolls! (and some cardboard) You know the ones wrapped in toilet or kitchen towel paper. So you have to remove the whole paper first, to get to them. Do this on its purpose or let your kids or pets help you;) (just kidding;))
Okay, what have I used: 1. Paper rolls (small and big ones) 2. Scissors and duckt tape 3. some glue 4. some electrical tape in black 5. a pretty wallpaper and some nails
And here is how I did it. At first, lay down your rolls and cardboard to shape the paddle.

Than add the duct tape to conn…

How`s your weekend looks like?

Hello Lovelies, It is really hot here, about 40°C. The summer fully arrived now. All you can do is sit outside and don`t move;) Besides you want to grab something from the  delicious BBQ.
Or just stay inside, like I did most of the time. It is so great to be in my studio, where always are about 18°C!
So what have I done... I made some ombre clothespins,  (just painted ordinary clothespins with some markers...)

for my little postcard gallery in my studio. And the postman brought me these, which I will  put on my Etsy shop soon.

Started a new painting,

 and almost finished up another.

Than rearranged some stuff in my studio, I`m not done moving yet. Need some shelves and my chairs are not done yet either. But I started to feel like I`m home;)

So what have you done the past few days?;)

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