Sonntag, 27. Mai 2012

Crazy people;)

Hello Lovelies!
I just want to thank you all!
To all the crazy Pinterest People!
The amazing Blogger friends!
And to all the anonymous comment writers!
To all the question asker in my email inbox!

See here, these are my Pinterest pages, just two of them!
I`m not a member.
I think you have these too.

I think this is pretty amazing, 
how people you never met
are amazed by some DIY projects, 
that they pin them or feature them on their blogs!

I was formally known as the crazy carped painter lady;)

Now I`m the crazy lamp lady;)

And a huge thank to these bloggers, 
who featured my lamp/bubbe chandelier this week;)

Thank you a lot my Blogger friends!;)

Pudel - design


classic • casual • home hat gesagt…

Such great ideas! Have a good weekend.

Quirina-Felizitas Zwarnig hat gesagt…

Wow, bin eben über deinen Blog gestolpert und bin total begeistert:)) <3 Tolle Ideen !
Liebe Grüße