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The new RUE mag!

Hello Lovelies,  the new RUE mag is online;) So grab your coffee or tea and go reading! So I will!;)

Happy reading...
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Blog Birthday!

Hello Lovelies, today`s my Blog Birthday! Yes, my little blog turned 2!;)
Thank you so much for reading it,  for the mails and all the sweet comments! I hope there will be a few more years with all of you  and many more talented and creative online friends!

Vielen Dank für eure Kommentare,  Anregungen, Lob und vieles mehr. Ich freue mich auf weitere tolle Bloggerjahre mit euch zusammen;))

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Dreamy clouds and skies by James McLaughlin Way...

Hello Lovelies,  a long time ago I introduced you to one of my favorite artist,  Karen Santry in this post here. I have a copy of the Bumblebee Girl painting  in smaller size on my desk in my office,  as you can see here.
And today I want to show you some amazing art from this guy here! Love his huge amazing and dramatic paintings!


Hallo ihr Lieben!
Vor einiger Zeit habe ich euch meine Lieblings Künstlerin,
Karen Santry in diesem Post hier vorgestellt.
Ihr Bild, Bumblebee Girl,
steht in kleinerer Kopie auf meinem Schreibtisch,
wie ihr hier sehen könnt.
Heute möchte ich euch diesen Typen und seine unglaublichen und dramatischen
Bilder vorstellen.
Wahrscheinlich kennt ihr ihn auch schon,
aber er ist wie gesagt ebenfalls einer meiner Lieblings Künstler.

(image via here)
Some dreamy skies... just enjoy.

(all images via here)

Isn`t this amazing? OMG if I had the space and the money,  this place would be over and over of his work!;)
If you want to read more about him and his art,  just click here!

Working on Tamara...

Hello Lovelies,  wanna show you my latest painting,  it is not done yet, still working on it, about two weeks or so. Have so many other projects at the moment  but you can have a little glimpse...
This is Tamara, a friend of my beloved grand dad. He passed away as I was 14. He was the most interesting and fun man I ever met in my life,  always had the best stories;)
I found an photograph of her after looking through his old stuff on the attic.
She was a read headed gipsy, my grandma told me. Such a beautiful girl.

I think I told you before, that my family immigrated from Kasachstan.
Every year in the summer time there were a gipsy circus around
our village.
I think my grad dad met her there.

Changed her clothes a little, but still beautiful.
Okay, ready, let`s take a look...

LIke I said far away from being a finished painting.
I hope I can show her in her full beauty at the end of the week;)
I am doing a whole painting series around the gipsy,  circus, Russian, Kasachstan theme... Stay tuned for that;…

New Blogs - well new to me...;)

I just found some new amazing blogs... Maybe you already know them, but to me they are brand new;) Take a look...

This one here is great! Best DIY ideas collected from the whole blog sphere on just one spot!

Happy reading;)

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Can`t help, but Love this song...

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How many Boots does a Girl need?! A pink DIY...

Hello Lovelies, so what do you think?  How many shoes, boot, high heels does a girl need? 10 pairs, 20? How many do you have? I don`t think I have too many... my hubby does;) But I think every man has his own opinion on how many is many...

These are the pairs I am wearing right now. You see the creamy white ones? That`s the pair which got me this DIY idea.
I thought bout buying a new pair, a pink one  I found here.

But for 199€? No way!
So I got two pairs of these creamy whites on sale and  thought if I mess one up,  I had one left, clever right;)

Like the sole of these.
And these were the supplies I used. Pink acrylic paint, you can use this paint for fake leather too,  a pair of scissors, masking tape and clear matte spray paint, for sealing.

This color look delicious!

Than taped the sole off, removed the beads and started to paint. It went really smooth and easy.

And here they are after two coats of pink and before spray paint.

Cute right? And now drum roll please!!!

Maybe I should add some chains or beads …

Some Jelly`s

Hello Lovelies,  look what arrived today;) You remember this one here? My Jelly painting?! 
It`s called Jelly Two.

I am selling the prints.  The prints I`ve got the last time from my print shop, were pretty bad, not the best quality.
So I went there again and now these here look amazing;)
This is the original,

And these are the prints, the same one,  with a little beige border around it,  in 60x80 cm.
Jelly Two

Ant this one is Jelly One;) it has the size of 40x60 cm.

Because speaking of Jelly`s I`ve got a custom order.
A Jellyfish Field;) That are three canvases with the size of 40x40cm and 30x30cm.

You can hang them together or separate the big one

or just the two of them...

What do sou think? How you like them?

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Business trip to Düsseldorf

Hello Lovelies, so I`m  finally back in town again and on my computer. I was on a business trip to Düsseldorf. It is a great city, especially famous for it`s shopping mile. I sadly haven`t seen anything of this city except the rail station,  the meeting rooms and a cute, little italian restaurant by night.
But I have photos from the hotel room;) Wanna see? Okay, let`s look... Loved the design and the colors...

See this floral ornament? It was on everything, the curtains. the lobby, the pillows and even on the carpet! I think I need some turquoise accents around here;)

My tv, and the bathroom...

It was nice, learned so much! Sadly I wasn`t here on Valentines, so happy  Valentines to all of you!!! And these, I got me for that occasion;)
Cute little pencils from this Etsy shop!

Thank you Yvy! They are gorgeous!
Here they are on my desk,  ready to be used;)