Sonntag, 20. November 2011

The nightstands and bedroom reveal part one...

Hello Lovelies,
 today I wanna show you how the bedroom reno goes on.

It looks a lot more like a bedroom than before, 
but not quite ready yet.
The reading nook isn`t complete, 
so I will show you today my revamped nightstands and the
one side of my bedroom that is ready now;)
Let`s go;))

Just click above to see my paint madness...
from dark brown roof and dirty walls to a bright airy, white and light grey room.
This room was our former living/working/eating space.
It was really full of junk!!!

But were not here for that today, 
I wanted to show how I revamped my nightstands.

I had some IKEA MALM nightstands.

(not so fancy, huh?)

Which ones would never fit in this room again.
So I brought from an another trip to IKEA
these knobs,

and this great lamp, two of them...

That is something I could work with:)
Took the paint out, some white for the front and some Driftwood Milk Paint
for the side and the top of them. 

(Kinda obsessed with Driftwood right now;))

After one coat of Driftwood paint

and here they are after 4 coats of paint.

After few coats I sealed it with semigloss laquer

and screwed the knobs to the drawers.

Ant that`s it, 
drumroll please.....

This is mine

and that`s the hubby`s.

And this the finished side;)

This cute white wardrobe I found on a flea market for only 
20 bugs, it hasn`t looked like this past then, 
it was a tacky, stained and peeling off red paint.

What do you think?
You like the transformation?

Stay tuned for part two...;)

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Freitag, 18. November 2011

Weihnachten im Schuhkarton

Hallo Ihr Lieben, ich denke vielen ist die Überschrift ein Begriff.
Wem nicht, einfach weiterlesen. 

Jedes Jahr veranstaltet die Kirche meiner Freundin diese 
Aktion, es werden Schuhkartons gesammelt mit bestimmten Inhalt.
Ist von Kirche zu Kirche unterschiedlich.
Auf jeden Fall ist das ZIel so viele Kinderherzen 
wie möglich an Weihnachten Glücklich zu machen. 
Sei es nun mit was süßem oder mit einem Stofftier.

Und dieses Jahr bin ich auch wieder mit dabei.
Hier kann man sich aussuchen ob man ein Mädchen oder einen Jungen beschenken will
und das muss sichtbar gekennzeichnet sein.
Natürlich gibt es kein Limit für die Päckchen Abgabe...
So viel man mag.

Entweder die Päckchen werden hier in unserem Land verteilt
oder es geht nach Russland die Ukraine usw.
Einfach bei der nächsten Sammelstelle erkundigen.
Man kann sogar dabei helfen.

Also ist in dieser Tüte hier nicht mein Wocheneinkauf 
wie man vielleicht vermuten könnte;))

Alles verstaut...

... und hübsch verpackt!
Dann noch selbst gemachte Geschenkanhänger drauf und ab geht die Post!!!
Dieses Papier sieht total nach Zuckerstangen aus;)

In diesem Sinne fröhliches einpacken und verschenken;)

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Donnerstag, 17. November 2011

New Blogs - well new to me...;)

I just found some new amazing blogs...
Maybe you already know them, but to me they are brand new;)
Take a look...

Happy reading...;)

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Mittwoch, 16. November 2011

DIY vs. Etsy!!! Or for the LOVE of Gold...

Hello Lovelies, today I thought writing a post about the Love of GOLD;)
I do love this metal, the most jewelry I wear is gold, 
love accents on pillows, furniture or in this case on a tray...
I saw this one here, and wanted it so badly, but it is sold out!;(

Than I thought, yay let`s do this on my own...
And this DIY vs. Etsy post was born...
(wait a minute... isn`t Etsy all about DIY?)

Okay a DIY vs. a DIY!;))

I had this beautiful tray, 

which I made from an old frame, 
if you like to see how, just click here.

I love it but now it had to be GOLD;)

Fist I painted it creamy white again, 

than used crepe tabe to create a pattern

and painted everything gold!

And here it is my new, old tray;))

And with some styling...

Isn`t this the prettiest thing that you ever seen?!;))

I LOVE how it turned out.

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Dienstag, 15. November 2011

Have you ever heard of Co-Lab yet?

Hello Lovelies, have you heard of this mag?
It is a collection of pretty upholstery projects, patterns and colors!

Please check them out!
Just click the pic...

Happy reading...:)

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Sonntag, 13. November 2011

Sideboard re-revamp;)

Hello Lovelies, as I promised here it is my old sideboard, 
which looked like this here before, 

during it looked like this.

But this grey paint doesn`t suit so well with the new wall color in my living room.
Because at the moment I`m so into driftwood, (driftwood painted tables, here & here)
This one has to be driftwood too;)
So I grabbed my Milk Paint leftovers from these projects and did it again.
This one looks more old and stained than the tables.
But I like it a lot! 
Just take a look.

I think I need to hang a big piece of art above it.
Looks so blank.
What do you think you like it, any suggestions? 

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