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My weekend trip to Cologne part III...

Hello Lovelies;) Today I will show you the final part of our trip.
Okay, lets start this;)
This is the great Cologne Cathedral,
 in my opinion the most amazing building in this city. Could stay for hours in there,  if you ever do a trip to Cologne you have to visit it, 

and don`t forget to go to the Cathedral Treasury!

So many amazing, valuable and old things there! Sadly we were not allowed to take some pics ;(
Here we have the inside of the cathedral...

...with some praying people lighting the candles.

Love these windows!

There is some renovating to do...

And that`s me in front of the cathedral, looking a little odd;)

After that experience we visited the Triangle Tower  to get a better view of Cologne.

And here is the view...

After all the sightseeing we had some treats;)

And this is it!
I hope you enjoyed this trip with me, and promise no more to come,  for those who fell asleep by reading this;) For them who are interested in, just check out
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My weekend trip to Cologne part II...

Hello Lovelies,  as promised I will show you the second part of my weekend trip;) It was the last summer weekend and  the first day of autumn but dosen`t felt that way at all. It was a pretty, nice warm summer day when we did our sight seeing.
And again a very photo heavy post;)
Here you can see the Chocolat Museum,  where you can merry too, a very special location;)

And this couple did it right the way...

Here you can see the history of advertise and packaging. Any kind of box and pretty glossy and sparkly paper you can imagine;)

Look at this here, chocolate heaven;)  Honestly I really thought about to lay down at the end of this production line, open my mouth and just hmmmmm, yummi....;P

And of course I got my white chocolate, strawberry cake;) Best thing EVER;))

Now take a look at the FLORA, the botanical garden in Cologne.
Fond this Giant Tree...

and this fountain;)

Some pretty buildings, flowers and some secret trails...

My weekend trip to Cologne part I...

Hello Lovelies;) How`s your weekend looked like?
It was a really nice one for me,  just got home and uploaded some pics from my trip to this amazing city;)
Love the architecture, the food and the sightseeing...
This would be a very photo heavy post;)) Just enjoy...
 Okay here we have the lobby of this amazing hotel we stayed.

Can you see the pretty chandelier? So many lights, so amazing;)

Look at these great, sparkly candle holders! Like disco balls;))

Lets take a look at our room... It was a cute and cozy one with green accents.

Here we have the bathroom.

And here hubby found the tv...

... and me a pretty mirror:)

It was the perfect size to hang above my fire place, just the wrong color;) But sadly it has to stay in this hotel room...:( It was a great weekend anyways... Tomorrow I will show you some pics of the Chocolat Museum,  the Botanical Garden and of course the great Cologne Cathedral!

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A thank you and a GIVEAWAY!

Hello Lovelies,  at first I wanna thank everyone for the Birthday wishes;) And thank you for the lovely emails;) I had a really wonderful DAY!
And I am so happy to say that my little blog now have over 200 Followers!  That`s huge! Thank you for reading this;)))
Okay and now off to the GIVEAWAY! I hope you all like it.
It would be a print of one of my original paintings!
You just have to choose one you like just click here.
You can choose between two sizes too 23,62 x 31,5in / 60x80cm or 8,27 x 11,69in / DIN A 4-21x29,7cm.
Here are the rules for this giveaway!
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If you still have any questions about the rules  or want to a…

Happy Birthday too ME;)

Hello Lovelies,  Today is my Birthday.

Now I`m off to celebrate it!

Pudel - design

Today im over here;)

Hello Lovelies, today I`m over here...

If you like to, you can see my Driftwood HEMNES table again;)

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