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Guest posting;)

Hello Lovelies, today I´m over here...

Go and check out this fabulous blog and see my  Lamp from a tree stump

Pudel - design

New painting - The Pink Flamingo

Hello Lovelies,  I had a really busy week, painting. Here is my latest addition;)
The Pink Flamingo

Do you like it? If you do, please visit  MY ART & SHOP

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Pudel - design

Some new pieces for my shop

Hello Lovelies I just wanted to show  you some new pieces I aded to my shop. Some cute postcards made from my original paintings;)
"Just LOVE Me"

"Harriet, the Llama with the yellow scarf"

If you like them, please visit  MY SHOP  to see more;) There will be soon more paintings  and all of the paintings will be available as prints too!
And please stay tuned for a fantastic  GIVEAWAY!!!

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New painting - Please meet the Girl with the Necklace

Hello Lovelies,  I just wanted to show you my latest painting! The Girl with the Necklace 

How do you like her? If you like my paintings please visit MY ART & SHOP

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New painting - Please meet My Alice!

Hello Lovelies,  if you regularly follow this blog,  you sure have noticed that I am a litte obsessed with "Alice in Wonderland". I think it was my first book in preschool
and since then I`m in love with this story. No matter what;)
And my latest painting deals with the idea of my own Alice. This is my interpretation;)

What do you think?! Do you like My Alice?
If you do,
you can buy her and my other ART as a print or as an original right here,  there are more paintings available now!

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Hello Lovelies,  my DIY Octopus art was featured at "Organize and Decorate everything";) That`s how it looks like,  just click the picture to see the other features and visit this amazing blog!

Thank you for that, you`ve made my DAY, Leanne;)

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Felted wool...

Hello Lovelies, today I wanna show you the work of  Stephanie Metz. I found her incredible work while browsing the internet ant it is really post worthy!

Stephanie Metz is a sculptor whose innovative work in felted wool  has garnered international attention.   Her sculpture, focused on the relationship between humans and the natural world,  fuses sharp wit, thoughtful observation,  and careful craftsmanship in an unusual material to blur the line between art and science, natural and unnatural, organic and man-made. 
And here are my favorites!

She has some very disturbing pieces too,  but her technical work is incredible, never saw this before! If you like these, please visit her homepage stephaniemetz.com

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New Blogs - well new to me...;)

I just found some new amazing blogs... Maybe you already know them, but to me they are brand new;) Take a look...

Gros Grain Fabulous

A Pretty Life in the Suburbs

Jilly & Mia

Midwestern Sewing Girl

Bobbypin`s Broadwalk

Scrapfancy with Stephanie

Happy reading;)

Pudel - design

Decorating with Art

The lovely people from Design Shuffle.com asked me,  if they could write an article that I can publish on my blog! Yay?! Really?! You asking me?! Okay, why not!
If you don`t know this dite please check them out!
It is really stunning;)
And here it is.
"Decorating with Art" 
Nothing is more personal than decorating with art.
You can cover your walls with fine art, photographs or framed prints; hang a single large painting to create a focal point in the room; or prop art work on a table or mantel for a casual arrangement.
Building a collection or decorating with your children's art will add life to your walls and your home. Bare walls are so boring, get inspired with the following decorating ideas.

Houzz (via)
Decorating with art is as easy as leaning a couple of framed piece on a table, dresser or fireplace mantel. Simple and easy to change your mind.

Design Wali (via)
If you are indecisive about hanging art on your walls or afraid to commit to nailholes, then a floating picture…

New art for my living room a DIY story...

It was a really rainy day around here, nothing to do outside,  so I decided to made a new painting for my living room;)
Here some proof for the bad weather;)) Look, really rainy, see all the water come`s down the sky lights? ;)

What should I paint... I wanted one of these for a looong time, my own nautical piece of art,  my own octopus. So I found an old picture at The Graphics Fairy and four blanc canvases around here and started to draw...

I used a beige brown as the base tone and gave them with a dark brown color a little aged look. Than placed the four canvases nearby and draw the octopus on them.

Get the brushes and mixed the right colors...

So, here it looks pretty ready, but something is missing...

Yes, you`re right, the Name of this underwater monster;) I took the latin name and printed the right size on paper and than traced it on the painting.

Than I get my sharpie and the ink pens and the name was right on the painting.

That`s how it looks in this stadium, pretty ready I think, 

than I put …