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DIY vs. Anthropologie!!! Buddha Heads

Hello Lovlies, look what I found at Anthropologie a while ago. These Buddha heads are so pretty! Love them at the first sight! But really too expensive!
This time I saved my money and made a nice display myself...;) My heads look a little different to the originals,  but it wasn`t my intention to copy them.
Schaut mal her, diese tollen Buddha Köpfe habe ich vor einiger Zeit bei Anthropologie entdeckt,  leider wieder viel zu teuer, deswegen habe ich mir gedacht,  das kannst du selbst auch machen,  allerdings sehen meine ein wenig anders aus.

I had a couple of Buddha heads around here,  some different shapes and colors...

and this little guy here;)

These materials I used...

Some brown, white and clear spray paint,  some small logs, plaster, three old crayons (spray painted them brown), 
I spray painted the heads all white,  filled the heads with some plaster  (just follow the instructions on the packaging),

(to put the crayons in it, to made this pedestal look).

Than drilled some holes in to the logs,  p…

DIY lamp from a tree stump...

Hello Lovelies;) Yesterday I showed you this photo.

I´ve made even more;)

And than it hits me... Why not make a lamp from a tree stump? I had this old inexpensive lamp fixture from IKEA.

Than came the tough part, to pick the perfect tree stump... Finally I´ve found this one

I sanded them a little bit to get the rough parts nice and smooth and  gave them a coat of clear paint. Than drilled a hole through the whole stump and added the light fixture to them.

Here you can see the drilled hole. Add a bulb and your lamp is ready;)

Sadly I don`t have the perfect lampshade yet. But it looks kinda cool, so earthy and rough;) I thought about one of these also from IKEA.

What do you think?
I think I made one more and than place them in my bedroom on the nightstands;)
Do you like my new lamp?;)

Get your craft on
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Some photos from my backyard...

It seems like spring is already here;) And the summer just around the corner... I walked around my backyard today and did some shots. Enjoy;)

Everyone is enjoying the fabulous weather;)

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Happy Easter!

I wish you all a happy Easter weekend!

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New Blogs - well new to me...;)

I just found some new amazing blogs... Maybe you already know them, but to me they are brand new;) Take a look...

á la mode

Dream Book Design

mint love social club
Junkin Junky

Honey Bear Lane

And my absolut favorite blog at the moment;)

this and that

Happy reading ;)

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New painting - Please meet Violetta

Just wanted to show you my latest painting;) That is Violetta;) If you liked winston the pug, you would LOVE Violetta;) Now Winston got a girlfriend;)
Hier mal wieder ein Werk von mir, das ist Violetta. Wenn ihr Winston schon mochtet, dann werdet Ihr Violetta lieben;) Jetzt hat Winston eine Freundin;)

Violetta - (Acrylic on canvas - gloss varnish finish - 40x40cm)

Hope you like it! For more paintings just go here.

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Just a quick comfort post;)

Hello Lovelies, that`s just a quick comfort post about tea;)
I LOVE tea, I really love tea. And Chai Latte is my favorite!
Here`s a quick DIY version of my favorite. Okay, what you need is; boiling water,  black tea,  low-fat milk, sugar,  vanilla flavor and a milk frother.
Let`s start, just a few photos below;)
Ich liebe Tee! Wirklich, viel lieber als Kaffee;) Und Chai Latte ist das beste was es gibt auf der Welt,  hier mal eine kleine, schnelle Version meines Chai Latte;) Wenn man sich überlegt was man so alles abgepantscht im Supermarkt bekommt,  dann macht man es lieber selbst. Okay aufgepasst und mitgeschrieben;)
Ihr braucht dazu einmal: Kochendes Wasser, Schwarzen Tee (selbstgebrüht zwar besser, aber das ging schneller) Teebeitel tun`s auch;), Fettarme MIlch,  Zucker,  Vanille Aroma  und einen Milchaufschäumer.
Und dann kann`s auch schon losgehen, hier das ganze mal in Bildern;)

Now can you see this perfect milc foam?! That little machine was the perfect christmas gift ever!;)

Now add some flavor

and so…