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Es werden Posts vom Dezember, 2011 angezeigt.

Happy 2012!!!

I wish you all a happy new year 2012!
With some awesome partys and really pretty sparkles;)

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Some new pieces for my shop

Hello Lovelies,  look what I`ve got today,  some new prints from my original acrylic on canas paintings!

If you like them please visit my  SHOP!!!

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Today at my studio...

Hello Lovelies,  I just wanted to show you my latest painting.
Please meet "The Girl with the Dreamcatcher"

She is not ready yet, but I wanted to show her anyways...

What do you think? You like her? If you do, please visit my 
Maybe you find there something you like;)

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The lovely Leanne from

featured my Christmas Decoration!

Thank you so much Leanne, you really made my day!!! ;)

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Top Projects 2011!!!

Hello Lovelies,  here is my review of 2011 projects.
It was an very exciting year,  with some bad backstrokes and some really good events! Please stay with me and see what I`ve been creating through the year,  my best projects of course;)
January  Here is the biggest project, which escorted us through the whole year;) If you are interested, please click here to see the whole story... REBUILDING!!!

Hallway revamp

DIY vs. Anthropologie

DIY vs. Anthropologie

DIY lamp from a tree stump!

The launch of my shop!

DIY painted rug!

New art for my living room, a DIY story...

Hidden Polar Bear Tea Cup

My painted driftwood table N°1.

My painted driftwood table N°2.

A quick upholstery.

Painting in action;)

Hello Lovelies,  this is a quick one, just wanted to show you  my Inked Girl hanging on the right spot in our bedroom.

What do you think? Any suggestions? I thing she needs a pretty big baroque frame;)

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I`m over here today;)

Hello Lovelies,  I`m over here today... My MALM nightstands were featured at IKEA HACKERS:)

Just click the pick to read the post;)

That`s cool right?:)

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New Blogs - well new to me...;)

I just found some new amazing blogs... Maybe you already know them, but to me they are brand new;) Take a look...

Style North

Happy reading...:)

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My latest painting...

Hello Lovelies, here is my latest painting...
(Acrylic on canvas - gloss varnish finish - 70x100cm)

That is a Snow Owl. How you like her?
If you do please visit my 
Maybe you find there something you like;)

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Merry Christmas!!!

I wish you all a

Frohe Weihnachten Euch Allen!!!

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Inked Girl

Hello Lovelies! Today I wanna tell you a story bout the painting from last night... My grandma was a deeply religious woman,  she always told me do be kind, honest,  lovely and generous. I try my whole life to be that kind of person,  most of the time it works... If don`t I always remember this story here she told me. You have to know that my grandma
was from Ukraine and I don`t know this story exists in english but I found a pretty good copy in german. 
If you`re interested, just google it... It called "The little goldfish" and was printed in Russia in the 1860.

But first here is the finished painting.
Hallo ihr Lieben! Heute will ich euch mal die Geschichte erzählen, die mich zu meinem  Bild von gestern inspiriert hat. Meine Großmutter war ein sehr religiöser Mensch gewesen. Sie brachte mir wie es schien die richtigen Werte bei, wie Ehrlichkeit,
Liebenswürdigkeit, Großzügigkeit... Seit jeher versuche ich dieser Mensch zu sein,
 die meiste Zeit funktioniert das auch ganz gut.
Und wenn …