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Es werden Posts vom Oktober, 2011 angezeigt.

Happy Halloween!!!

Hello Lovelies,  here are my favorite Halloween pics!;)

Delicious looking apples;)

Spooky forests;)

and some pretty pumpkins...

Pudel - design

Updates on my renovation...

Hello Lovelies, last time I shared some pics of my  rebuilding area, it looked like this.
Now I put some decoration on it and a great mirror I found on a flea market trip, painted them white, and got this. And from a trip to IKEA I got this cute shoe cabinet and rug.

Now I have to put something on these bare walls! Too much bricks, don`t get me wrong, I like em, but I think  this wall need a gallery!

You see? But here it is, my flea market finds and some IKEA frames. Just played around with shapes and  arrangement.

This scull is made of plaster, it isn`t a real one...(just before you ask)

What do you think any suggestions?

Pudel - design

This is your LIFE and some safari animals...

I think everyone of you saw this one here.

I wanted one of these so bad for a looong time and thought why don`t make them on my own... So got a canvas and some sharpies and get started. Now I do have one;) Just have to redo some parts, but for now I`m good with it.

And you can see here my little safari animals, they got framed;)

How you like them?

Aren`t they cute!?;)

Pudel - design

Tonight at my studio...

Hello Lovelies, I`m doing a brake right now and want to show you what I`m working on. Here it is, not quite ready jet...

... and a little blurry... And stay tuned for these cuties here 

and for the sideboard reveal, more to come tomorrow!;) And now let`s get back to work...

Pudel - design

How`s your weekend looks like?

Hello Lovelies,  what have you`ve been up to these three days of the weekend?
Here are my DIY projects;)
At first I painted my dresser for the living room, again;) This poor thing have seen many many coats of different paint lately.
But I had this driftwood Milk Paint leftovers  from these projects that I had to use for it;) And this is how it looks like, not really finished. I will show you the before and the after pics later this week.

Than a little cute gold safari... For a very special and cute project coming up this week.

And last but not least. This unfinished painting,  I started an underwater series, with many jelly fishes and whales and  octopuses <-- is this even a word?;)

Stay tuned fot that. It is a lot of fun! And many of these items are of course for sale;) It would be a busy and fun week!
So my Luvs, I`m off to get in my pajamas ;)
Have a nice start to the next week;)

Pudel - design

Some new pieces for my shop

Hello Lovelies,  look what I`ve got today,  some new prints from my original acrylic on canas paintings!

All prints have the size of
Din A4, 21,0x29,7cm 8,27x11,69in.
If you like them please visit my  SHOP!!!

Pudel - design

New Blogs - well new to me...;)

Hello Lovelies,  I just found some new amazing Blogs,  maybe you heard about them but for me they are new;)
Here we go... Just click the pic;)

dare to dream...

Bower Power

Happy reading...:)

Pudel - design

And the winner is....

Hello Lovelies! Today I will tell you who won a painting from Pudel - design! Drumroll please!!!

YES, it is the lovely Jane from 

And this is her comment!

Thank you for take part at this Giveaway! The only thing you have to do now is telling me which print of the painting  and size do you want to get. And your adress of course and the price will be yours;))
Here is my mail adress! Just write me a quick one;)
To all the others! Thank you so much, and maybe next time you will be the lucky one;))

Pudel - design

The GIVEAWAY is closed!

Hello Lovelies,  Thank you so much to who attended the Giveaway! It is now closed!

The winner will be announced next week!;)

Pudel - design

The Raven...

Hello Lovelies! I recognized, that this year besides my wreath  nothing is looking like Halloween around here!
Time to change this;)
Here in Germany this holiday isn`t so popular but I like em anyways. The costumes and the partys. Like this a lot!
I thought of a more subtile decoration, with some candles, wreaths and  of course paintings and prints! Immediately thought bout The Raven.
I think everyone of you does no the poem of Edgar Allan Poe -The Raven. It is one of my favorites. So scary and spooky;) Who not, just click here,  happy reading.
And by this inspiration I made this...

A custom print of the last verse of this great poem:)

How do you like this? If you do, just visit my 
Please don`t forget to enter the  GIVEAWAY!!! Today`s the last day!
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Pudel - design

Some new pieces for my shop

Hello Lovelies,  look what I´ve got for my shop!
Some new prints reproduced from my original  acrylic on canvas paintings! They have the size of
DIN A4 21 x 29,7cm 8,27 x 11,69in
30 x 30cm 11,81 x 11,81in

How do you like em? Just check out my SHOP;)
Please don`t forget to enter the

Pudel - design