Sonntag, 17. Mai 2015

Update on the patio renovation...

Hello Lovelies, 
it`s been three days, so how far have I come with the renovation?!
Not as far as I wished, but making progress!;)
So I removed the chicken/cat/rabbit wire, 
which was covering the windows of the entire patio
and put the acrylic glass in the window spaces, 
which looked kind of odd at the first sight.
But you get used to it.
It is still airy and light, minus the terrible wind and rain which 
always is on this side of the house.

See what I mean?

Than I got sidetracked by the beautiful smell of the elder bushes!
Oh so pretty and fragrant!

Oh, and look at this color,,,
isn`t this beautiful?

Okay. back to post...:)
So this is how it looks when all is finished.
The one side at least.
I don`t know if I want to cover the doors and the other side.
Well, we will see about that.

That`s  the view from the inside 

and the outside.

I want to paint the beams above the windows in the same grey tone as the color below.
It is too light right now I think.
Here you can see the side view as well, all painted too.
so I think I am done with painting.;)

Oh shoot now I see the missing plank!
Do you see it too? No?! That`s good...
I think my flower patches need some love too, 
oh I have so much love to give!
But this is a whole other story...

Oh and I have finished the scratching pole for my cats.

My cats do love it.
And I bought a gigantic indoor palm tree.
So huge and beautiful.
So I ned to pot the greens, and still not sure what to do with the floor and old rug!
Any suggestions?
Maybe I lower the benches too, not sure about that either...

Okay, now I will go back to the mess!

Have a nice start into the next week my Luvs!

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Donnerstag, 14. Mai 2015

Patio renovation! Or how to bring home, some beachy feeling...:)

Hello Lovelies, 
I hope you are well!
I had some busy days!
Still preparing for my art exhibition in August and renovate my home a bit.
I wanted to start my bathroom this year, but I decided to tackle my patio!
Wanna see some before shots?
How it looked before painting everything a light grey color?!
So here we go...

All of this furniture had to go, 
everything was painted a light grey, got my old chairs out, want to paint the cushions  the same color as the walls.
Want to close the "windows" with some poly glass, because the wind and rain on this side of the house is really bad.
Want to paint the floor, with some outdoor paint.
Get some nice decoration, fabric, pillows and sisal for this outdoor room!
Lets see how this will turn out!;)

Here are some in the process pictures, I am not finished, just in the middle of this project.

Like you can see I am finished with the walls and benches.
And made a huge mess around of course;)
Please don`t mind the kitty litter;)
I will build a nice spot for that too. But for now this is their favorite spot to go to the toilet!

Here they are helping...

See all the fitness equipment in the back?
Since I got my amazing road bike I don`t need a treadmill and an erg.
So they had to go, but before that than they find their home on the patio.
But not for long.

This will be the new kitty scratch pole! ;)

Aand this here is the new paint.

Looks already so much better, right?

I have a question for you, does anyone know how to bleach and color a moroccan rug?
I would love to hear from you!

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Freitag, 8. Mai 2015

The new Lonny mag is online!

Hello Lovelies, the new Lonny mag is online!

Just click the pic to get there.

Happy reading;)

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Samstag, 11. April 2015

A white dresser for my studio!

Hello my Lovelies!
I just wanted to share my new/old revamped dresser with you.
I was in desperate need for some more storage in my studio.
And my prayers came true;)
My Dad and I found this hutch and dresser, both around 25 years old, with dents and scratches
and with some warped doors and drawers.
Some handles were missing too.

So I fell in love with them and took them home with me.
The dresser got right away into my studio, and with the hutch I have something other in mind.

Here is the before for you

And here is what I did with it.

I did not repaired all the marks from it`s past!
I wanted to leave it a little scratched and used, just put a new coat of paint and let it be;)

Just give it a quick sanding and painted the whole thing white,

like so...

And I decided to paint the bottom section of the dresser in the same orange color like some of the accents in this room.

And as you can see in the background I taped of my small file cabinet and did some touch ups on them as well.

Put some new hardware on the drawers and I was done;)

Here we go, some pretty after photos!
With the whole furniture arrangement;)

The whole combo together.
I love the wire basket I got at a thrift store, for 7€! 
What a steal, right?
So I can put my wrapping paper in it and wooden bars I made picture frames from;)
I am kind of obsessed with orange - coral and pink in this room, don`t know why...

So, here is again the before and after; for you ;)

What do you think?
Do you like it?
I think it is amazing to give something old a new life and don`t let it go to waste.
And the huge plus is the gained storage;)

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Freitag, 3. April 2015

Flea market Finds Friday!

Hello Lovelies, 
I haven`t done this in a while.
I´ve got some furniture, not exactly from a flea market,
but still some worn out and blog worthy pieces!
Here they are, in my garage, excuse the mess ;)

An old hutch & cabinet.

The hutch is will go to a client`s space.
We figured out which color it will get already ;)
And the cabinet will go to my studio.

I put it downstairs, it will go on this spot right here.

It will be white, like the rest of my furniture in the studio,
I will replace the hardware.
And I finally will have more storage!
Pretty and practical piece;)

THis has nothing to do with FFFriday, but here is the frame I build for a painting.
Sprayed it a neon pink.
To match another one. They will hang as a pair.

This is it for the friday my Luvs.
I wish you all a Happy Easter holidays! ;)

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Mittwoch, 1. April 2015

The new RUE mag is online!

Hello Lovelies, the new Rue mag is online!

Just click the pic to get there.

Happy reading! ;)

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Dienstag, 31. März 2015

My new organized Studio:)

Hello Lovelies, 
like I announced a while ago, 
I wanted to show you my revamped studio today.

I change my mind really often when it comes to decor, 
design, styling rooms
or restyle furniture.
This is because I love this stuff;)
And why not?!

I think I am not really done with this room, 
need to clean out a little more and find some other storage solutions.
But I am pretty sure I will stay in this color palette.;)

So here it comes my finished Studio (for now...)

On this spot I had my sketch table. 
This one moved to the other side of the room.
Here I have now a siting area,  where I can chat with my clients, 
or simply read a book...
Isn`t this little lamp the cutest you`ve ever seen?;)
I will made a cute little side table, which I show you next time.

Here we go, now you see the huge craft or painting table, 
with my huge architect cabinet.
And my sketch table.
My dad added some more ceiling lights.

I put some big rolls under the cabinet, for easy moving, 
because this thing is huge and heavy!
And I want to change the handles, don`t like the gold ones.
Want to put the same ones like on the other cabinet, where you can see below.

Under the table you can find all sorts of paint, 
in huge pots and containers which don`t fit in to my paint cabinet.

Some (un)finished work standing here and there...
I so do love this IKEA cart! Really amazing, what you can fit in it.
And so easy to move around.

My storage units.
In the left cabinet I have all of my paints and brushed, foam rollers...
And in the big one, with the orange cubical`s are my sketchbooks, 
duct tape, pallet papers and some other stuff...

In the cabinet  near the orange clock is a hidden sink, 
where I can wash my brushes and stuff.

This is it, the tour around my studio.
Come over and visit me;)
I would love that!

So what do you think?

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